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Academy of Performing Arts Programming

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Children who attend the Franklin Vanderbilt Academy of Performing Arts will be taught by dedicated and qualified instructors along with visiting tutors who are performing arts professionals.

Students will pay for classes according to their family’s ability.

Musical instruments will be provided and practice rooms, recording studios and performance spaces will be of the highest quality.

Students will have opportunities for perform onsite, where community members and others can attend and enjoy the performances.

Courses will be offered in:

  • Reading music

  • Instrumental performance of band and orchestra instruments

  • Vocal performance

  • Dance

  • Acting

  • Theater production, costume and set design, make-up

  • Lighting and audio engineering

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An Education in Financial Literacy

The financial literacy education programming will teach the essential concepts of earning, saving and investing money, personal financial management and taxes and will be age-appropriate. Programs will be designed in collaboration with expertise from the financial services industry.

In addition to Academy’s  extra-curricular instruction during after school hours and weekends, there will be additional programs offered during holidays and summer months.

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